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CCH Web Manager Resource Hub
Web Manager Articles
Browse historical newsletter topics covering tips and tricks for Web Manager.
Web Manager Login
CCH Web Manager enables you to edit, expand, and update the website that CCH creates for you. Being able to make changes to your own website at any time saves you time and money.
Web Manager Help
Learn how to use, manage and maintain your website with videos and online guides. The Web Manager Help Centre contains all that you need to know in order to use the key functions available within your site.
Web Manager Training: 30 minute Overview
A general overview of logging in, navigating and using CCH Web Manager to maintain your website. Great as a refresher and for new users.
What is 'Responsive'?
To keep up with the current trends and standards we recommend responsive design which simply means a website that has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the site adapts itself by rescaling to suit the device.
Customised Website Design
Our in-house Web Design team take the time to understand your budget, your audience, your goals and the key differentiators that make your firm unique. We use this along with your brand to create a fully customized website layout to visually engage your audience.
Pre-Designed Websites
With imagery and content tailored specifically to your practice, CCH Web Manger’s pre-designed layouts ensure those who land on your page will know within seconds the standard of services you provide, reflected via the quality of your landing pages.
Track & Manage Your SEO
Having a website well optimised for Search Engines isn't just about the content you put in your website. It's about how you manage and track it too!
Improve Your SEO
Learn how to improve your websites Search Engine Optimisation through Web Manager, with our easy to follow tips.
Website Health Check Overview Video
We have performed Website Health Checks on all of our clients websites to help improve your online presence, to get your unique URL resent to you please email
Website Add-ons
Add interactive database powered features into your website to promote your services, service plans, staff and events in professional layouts with no design experience.
Web Manager Blog
Keep up to date with the latest news, tips and tricks and latest features for your accounting website in Web Manager.