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May 2018
CCH Web Manager Newsletter
Web Manager - Did you Know?
This months newsletter will introduce you to the 'My Settings' area of Web Manager which allows you to change your password, set a personal home page and control hidden items, along with other helpful settings.

SEO Basics
We cover helpful tips on setting up page titles and search descriptions which can help boost your Google ranking and increase traffic to your website.

Add-on Features
This month we re-introduce our staff profile layout which is customisible, easy to manage and provides great visual appeal to your website.
My Settings Page

To access the My Settings page, go to the Settings menu in Web Manager and select 'My Settings' from the drop-down menu.

From the My Settings page you can do the following:
  • Change your email address or edit your password.
  • Set the home page - to choose which tab you see first when you enter Web Manager.
  • Enable or disable the ability to edit HTML source code.
  • Specify the default number of rows you see per page in the forms module or databases.
  • Choose if hidden content objects are displayed by default when you access the site tree.
  • Set spell checking to automatic or manual. Note: we recommend switching this to manual.
  • Set whether to add a line break or paragraph space when pressing the enter key.
The Page Title

Unlike the page Name which displays on your site tree and website menu, the page Title (as set in the Properties tab through Web Manager) is a description of your page that tells search engines and users what your page is about. Page Titles should accurately and succinctly reflect the contents of each page. They are one of the most important tags for your search engine rankings. They should include important keywords that relate to the page, and be no longer than 70 characters.
The Search Description

Your Search Description will display below your Page Title when your listing appears in a search results page. Enter an accurate and unique description for each page in the Description field on the Properties tab in Web Manager. If you don't add a Search Description for a page, search engines may display a snippet of content from the page for you, however this is unlikely to encompass all aspects of the content on the page. To ensure the search engine displays the best description, ensure you add this yourself for each page. The recommended search description length is between 230-320 characters.
Staff Profiles Management Tool

Staff Profiles which are set up in content tables can be tricky to manage and don't always look professional. Our Designers have created a system where you can easily place your information which automatically outputs a consistent format to match your website look and feel - no need for messy tables.

Now you can have a stylish and functional customised team profile layout which is easy to manage. Choose to organise your staff by position or office location and apply eye-catching effects to help make your staff profiles stand out! Click here to see an example
Contact us if you would like to discuss adding this feature to your website.
SPF Record Update - (Mail Deliveribilty from Web Manager)

An SPF record lists the mail servers that are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. Many of our customers already include our details in their own SPF Records via their Domain Name System. 

As part of our recent server migration of Web Manager to the Azure environment, we have a new SPF record with updated mail server details. We encourage all customers who use the Web Manager Emarketing system to insert the following string "include:spf2.acclipse.com" (without the quotes), into their own SPF record via their domain provider or IT company.

For example, if your current SPF/TXT entry reads: v=spf1 mx -all then you could alter this to read:v=spf1 mx include:spf2.acclipse.com  -all
These can be checked with any DNS query tool – including web-based ones such as

Please replace any existing instances of "include:spf.acclipse.com" with "include:spf2.acclipse.com" .

Including our SPF record will assist in avoiding rejection errors referencing SPF when sending bulk email from CCH Web Manager, and reduce instances of mail being quarantined as spam by the recipient's system. 

Refer a Friend Form

Due to a recent incident where spammers targeted a number of 'Refer a friend' forms on Web Manager websites, we have disabled and later this week our team will begin removing the forms from any of our Web Manager customer websites which are currently using this form, to prevent further incident.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips
Easy to follow tips and resources to improve your website Search Engine Optimisation through Web Manager ...FIND OUT MORE
Website Housekeeping Tips
Keep your website structure and content in good shape for optimal performance
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