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June 2018
CCH Web Manager Newsletter
The importance of a healthy site structure
This month we are discussing how a good website structure / 'site tree' helps to keep your content tidy and easy to navigate. Check out some useful tips below for keeping your site structure tidy.

Visit our new SEO Tools and SEO Tips pages
Many of our clients tell us they want to improve their Search Engine Optimisation, but it can be daunting to know where to start with so much conflicting advice in the market. That's why we have two new pages to help you understand and take action yourself. Find out more.

Looking for a more interesting way to display your services?
Your services content is often one of the key areas visitors to your website will be most interested in. Making this more visually appealing or easier to digest at a glance can make a big difference to the user experience. Take a look at an icon based layout here.

The importance of a healthy site structure

Find out more about or website health checkWe recently performed a Website Health Check on all of our client's websites. These free checks identify areas of your website that may need improving in order to keep it performing at its best. You should have received your Health Check Report in an email recently - if you would like it re-sent please let us know.

A common area we identified for improvement was the check for a healthy site structure. A good website structure/site tree helps to keep your content tidy and easy to navigate – both for clients who are looking at the front end of your site, and for yourself and your staff who need to access the site through Web Manager to maintain the content.
Here's an example of a tidy website structure. All live pages are at the top of the site tree and are in the same order that they appear in the live site's navigation bar. All other pages and folders that are not meant to be live are set to be hidden.
Here's an example of a website structure which needs improvement. Live pages are scrambled about the site and are not easy to find. Multiple 'Old' folders and test pages that may no longer be needed are still sitting in the site tree.

Organising your site tree

For tips on how to keep a healthy site tree please watch our helpful video on ways to best organise your site structure.
When it comes to improving Search Engine Optimisation we believe the basics are best taken care of by those who know your business best - YOU!  Improving your Search Engine Optimisation can feel like a daunting task, with so much information, where do you start? That's why we have created two new pages to help you understand the basics and take action yourself.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips

Before going down the road of paying for an SEO consultant, check out our new and improved 'SEO Tips' page for easy to follow advice and instructions to get your Web Manager website in great shape.

The areas we cover are...
For each of these sections we explain why and how these areas affect your SEO and also cover how to get the best out of each area while also including some helpful tips and videos.

Tools to manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Following on from the SEO Tips page, you might like to next explore our brand new SEO Tools page which outlines some of the key resources for managing and tracking your efforts.

Topics we cover here include...
Keeping your site "SEO healthy" will help with your search engine rankings which can drive visitors to your website. Our recent health check reports will help identify any areas that may need improvement in this area.

Looking for a more interesting way to display your services?

Your services content is one of the key areas visitors to your website will be most interested in. This is an area that you want to make easy to view and navigate as well as to stand out, especially if you have a large list of services.

Using our database driven services module not only makes it easy to structure your services content, it also displays your content in a visually appealing way using icons to visually represent the services you offer.

It's time to do-away with your standard list based services pages and make way for a new style.
As you can see it is a lot more visually appealing. To see a working example visit our demo site here.

If you would like to add the services icon module to your website please get in touch with us.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips
Easy to follow tips and resources to improve your website Search Engine Optimisation through Web Manager ...FIND OUT MORE
Website Health Checks
Access your personal website health check report for tips on how to keep your structure and content in good shape for optimal performance
CCH Web Manager Help Centre
Watch useful videos and access other content to help you navigate the Web Manager system

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