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CCH Web Manager Resource Hub | Wolters Kluwer
23 May 2017
CCH Web Manager Newsletter
Introducing Atlas and Delta

Be the star among your competitors with one of our latest additions to the optimised pre-designed layout options. If you've been thinking about updating your design, want your website to be mobile responsive and have been hanging out for a new layout – check out our two latest design layouts below which can be applied to your existing CCH Web Manager website for a special price...FIND OUT MORE

Delta incorporates a fixed to top navigation bar plus image and icon transitions, making the site interactive with a modern feel. The angled design features set this layout apart from the rest.

The layout comes with your choice of image header, with either multiple fading images, or just the single static image.

The homepage design features a pronounced contact details area including a Google location map.

Internal pages feature a side menu which automatically populates based on the sub-pages structure of each section for easy navigation.

The homepage icons can be set to reflect what is important on your website and automatically carry through to the internal page design.

Atlas' home page features a bold, eye catching image header that contains an area for introductory text and also dynamic feature icons that can be used to highlight services or special features of the website. Social media and contact icons are also included and can be used if desired.

Beneath the image header are 2 separate feature panels that can be used for adding contact details as shown in the demonstration site, or to feature other content that you may want to highlight. There is also a section in the footer where associate logos can be added.

The internal pages follow the same theme as the home page. The image header can be swapped for any image you may want to use as a background image.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Tips
When it comes to improving SEO there are two main areas to focus on - website functionality and your content...FIND OUT MORE
Website Housekeeping Tips
A useful resource for keeping your website structure and content in good shape...
CCH Web Manager Help Centre
Useful videos and other content to help you navigate the Web Manager system...
* Normally $300+GST (based on 2 hours), save $100+GST for a limited time. Additional charges may apply for complex layouts.

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