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CCH Web Manager Resource Hub | Wolters Kluwer
25 July 2017
CCH Web Manager Newsletter
5 essential tips for improving your services content

Does your Services content accurately reflect what your firm has to offer? Is it written for your target market? Is the content unique to your website and optimised for SEO?

Having strong services content is a critical factor for ensuring your website is an effective tool for your firm. Well written content that reflects the services your firm has to offer tells customers and prospects what they can expect from you. The tone of your content reflects the personality of your firm. And, perhaps most importantly, unique and key word rich content will help you stand out in Search Rankings...
Using social media alongside your CCH Web Manager website

Social media helps push your firm forward in a new and comparatively affordable way compared to more traditional marketing channels. Easily accessible to millions from virtually anywhere, it's an ideal means of driving more visitors to your CCH Web Manager website and helps improve your Search Rankings...FIND OUT MORE
How to write great staff profiles, and why you should
Showing what your team have to offer by including team profiles on your website can help your firm build relationships and be more personable, creating a sense of familiarity for new clients and prospects...FIND OUT MORE
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips 
When it comes to improving SEO there are two main areas to focus on - website functionality and your content...FIND OUT MORE
    CCH Web Manager Help Centre
Useful videos and other content to help you navigate the Web Manager system...FIND OUT MORE
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