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CCH Web Manager Resource Hub | Wolters Kluwer
14 December 2017
CCH Web Manager Newsletter
Have you received your Website Health Check yet?
The Web Team are busy running a Website Health Check Report for all of our valued customers who have a website in our Web Manager Content Management System.

Addressing the issues identified in your report can improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), user experience and accessibility as well as page loading speed and performance. 

If you haven't received your health check yet, don't worry – it is coming soon! Please get in touch if you would like to be fast tracked and we will get onto your site ASAP. If you're not sure whether you have received yours yet, send an email and we will check and resend it to you.
Trends with health checks

During the website health checks we've done so far we've found a few trends. Your individual health checks include information to help you improve these aspects of your websites, below is a brief summary:

Basic Search Engine Ranking fields not optimised
Having unique page titles and a search description for each page in your site can make a major difference to how well your website ranks in a Google search. Luckily, it's easy to improve this. If you haven't yet received your health check yet, please visit our help centre

Non-responsive sites / not mobile friendly
It's great to see that most of you have updated your website design technology within the last few years, some sites are still not using responsive design. Responsive is Google's preferred format for mobile friendly websites so updating can improve your Search Engine Rankings and make a huge difference to user experience. Contact us to discuss options for updating your website.

Internet links
Broken or outdated internet links can be caused by website or name changes of the sites you are linking to. When we originally set up your website, it's likely we included our internet links content for you to use. As most firms customise this page with their own unique links CCH don't maintain this for you. If your internet links need a refresh, we are happy to overwrite your current page with our latest base install for free – view an example.

Another option is to have your internet links page set up into expandable segments. We can implement this on your site with our current base links for just $150.00 + GST. 

Contact us to update your internet links with one of the above options.

What else we're doing to improve your website

We will also be adding or updating the following items in your website as applicable:

Favicon: The small icon that displays in the browser tab next to your page title. This helps your website stand out when a user has multiple tabs open. It's also useful for bookmarking identification.

404 Page: The page a user is directed to if they visit a url or click a link to a page that has been removed or renamed. The text 'Page not found' is displayed and the user is directed back to your home page, contact page or search function so they can continue browsing the website.

Font Awesome Icons: Sites that include the Font Awesome Icon set (most of our Pre-designed responsive templates and some customised websites include this feature) will be updated to the latest version which gives you access to hundreds more icons. Take a look at the older set and the current set here.
Useful tools & resources
Web Manager overview training video
our new Web Manager overview video is a great source of knowledge for the basics of using the Web Manager Content Management System.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips 
When it comes to improving SEO there are two main areas to focus on - website functionality and your content...FIND OUT MORE
    CCH Web Manager Help Centre
Useful videos and other content to help you navigate the Web Manager system...FIND OUT MORE
Our knowledgeable support team are available to answer any queries you have about CCH Web Manager.
Support Hours Monday to Friday - 8:30am to 5:00pm NZST
0800 500 224  |  nz-webmanager@wolterskluwer.com

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